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To find out more call us on 01296 350019 or email biertoncrem.csb@buckinghamshire.gov.uk

Book a funeral

Arranging a Cremation

When a cremation is required a funeral director should normally be instructed to make the desired arrangements as they have the experience and facilities to assist you with your requirements. They will give the necessary notice of the proposed day and time for the funeral and have the application forms needed for completion.


Application for crematorium (Word doc) [878KB]
Application for cremation (PDF) [302KB]
Statement of understanding (Word doc) [497KB]
Statement of understanding (PDF) [215KB]
Service arrangement form (Word doc) [751KB]
Service arrangement form (PDF) [282KB]

Funeral Service

Any recognised form of service, religious or civil, may be held in the all-denominational chapels. All of the proceedings can take place at the Crematorium, or a shorter committal service may be held following the main ceremony in a church or another location. A funeral ceremony, religious or civil, is not obligatory and a cremation can be arranged without one if you wish.

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