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To find out more call us on 01296 350019 or email biertoncrem.csb@buckinghamshire.gov.uk

Music, broadcasts and recordings


Both chapels are equipped with a digital computer classical organ which is particularly recommended to be used when hymns are being sung during the service. An organist can be provided (for an additional fee) or alternatively you or your funeral director can arrange your own organist. The 'Common Praise' and 'Funeral Services' hymn books are in both chapels.

The chapels are also equipped with a music reproduction system by Wesley Media Ltd from which music can be selected from their extensive computerised database. This system is used to provide music either when there is no organist in attendance or to augment the organ with personal choices of music of any sort. The database includes a selection of popular hymns which can be used to accompany singing instead of an organist.  They can also process 'personal' music providing copyright laws are not breached.

All required music should be ordered through Wesley Media and then relayed to us on one of our 'Music and Service Details' sheets.

Wesley Media Ltd


In the chapels we have the 'Funeral Services' and 'Common Praise' hymn books and unless there are only a few mourners in attendance we would recommend that the singing of hymns is best accompanied by an organist.  Hymns, with or without choral backing, are also available on the Wesley system.

An organist can be arranged by the crematorium, at an extra charge, who can also play at the beginning and end of the service and the list of organ music can be seen on our website.  If the piece you want is not listed the organist may still be able to play it and this can be discussed with the organist via the crematorium office. 

If you wish to arrange your own organist you may do so and there is no charge for using the organ. 

If you have any queries relating to hymns, organists or organ music please telephone the crematorium office on 01494 724263


There is a fixed microphone on each lectern and both chapels have hearing loops.  We also have roving microphones which can be used by those unable to use the microphone on the lectern.

Our chapel attendants are always on hand to assist if you have any last-minute questions at the time of the service and are always there to make sure things run smoothly.


All services can be recorded or streamed live (webcast) - please ask your funeral director for more details.

Please note: Whilst we strive to provide good quality webcasts and recordings, please note that these are from a fixed point camera and whilst of a reasonable standard are neither HD nor commercial quality and may occasionally be affected by technical glitches beyond our control.


A 'webcast' is a live broadcast of a service streamed on the internet via the Wesley Media website.  The service is only viewable to those who are issued with a username and password which is provided before the service.  The consent form must be completed and delivered to the crematorium office before the password can be issued, so we recommend they are booked at least 48 hours in advance to allow time to organise this.  The broadcast is available to view for up to seven days after the service.  This service should be booked via the crematorium or your funeral director who will also be able to assist you with completing the Webcast and Recording consent form (Word doc) [6MB] (opens new window) .

Sample recording

Bierton Chapel example recording (gi.ui.mediatype.mp3) [3MB] (opens new window)


These can be arranged at short notice but a consent form still needs to be completed.  Once the disc has been received by us (this normally takes 10 working days) they are posted on to you by recorded delivery. 

Visual Tributes

A visual tribute may be arranged via Wesley Media to be shown during a period of reflection.  A single image of the deceased, a sequence of family photos set to music, home movies or pre-recorded messages can all be incorporated into a visual tribute.  A copy of the final tribute can also be produced for you to keep on disc.

Visual tributes need to be with Wesley Media at least 48 working hours Before the service.  Tributes requested after the 48hr deadline can still be arranged but will incur a higher cost.

Copies of webcasts, recordings and tributes are available on disks or memory sticks.

Your funeral director / arranger can guide you through the process and advise you of the pricing.

Webcasts, recordings and visual tributes all incur extra charges - please contact us for the current costs, or see our website.

If you have any queries about our music and media services please contact the crematorium office on 01494 724263 or email us at biertoncrem.csb@buckinghamshire.gov.uk

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