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Urns, caskets and keepsakes

Price list: (inc. VAT)

Scatter tubes

All scatter tubes are available in the following sizes:-

37cm =£24 (full size)
25cm = £18 (half size)
9cm = £12 (token)

Wooden casket

Brass Urns 7.25" (small)
Available in: brushed pewter, gold and gunmetal only

Brass Urns 10.5" (adult)
Available in: brushed pewter, gold, gunmetal,

Large patterned urns
Silver with gold design
Silver with multi-coloured design



3" Urns 

Hearts and 3" urns are available in:-

  • Brushed pewter, gold or gunmetal
  • Silver finish with floral designs
  • Black finish with gold engraving

Unity floral bio-degradable urns

Large = £66
Small = £33

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